Dog Portraits  

A Pet's  Portrait by Kim Garcia     

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Acrylic paint portrait of Lab Puppy                                Oil Painted Portrait of Shepherds 
                      (8"x10")                                                                                          and owner (24" x 36")

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     Pastel portrait of American                           Graphite portrait of Dalmatian                 Oil Painted Portrait of 
     Staffordshire Terrier    (8"x10")                                        (14"x17")                                                 Shar Pei  (8" x 10")

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     Oil Painted Portrait of                                                                        Oil Painted Portrait of 
     Cardigan Welsh Corgi   (18" x 14")                                   Australian Cattle Dog (14" x 18")
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Pastel Portrait of Lizzie, Lab mix                      Oil Painted Portrait of                                 Oil Painted Portrait of       
                    (18"x 24")                                          Beagle/ Basset mix   (16" x20")                     Border Collie mix ( 14" x 18")

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Address:  Kim Garcia, 4916 Rio Chiquito Ct NW, Albuquerque, NM, 87114

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phone:  (505) 860-4176